Is Windows 11 worth upgrading ? Windows 11 is Windows 10 in Smart casuals 🤟.

Windows has been called PC from a long time, But windows 11 is trying to make you feel really personal. With Windows 11, you feel right at home with the beautiful elegant UI. Microsoft’s big Windows 11 update is on the way. Here’s what you need to know about features.

Windows 11

I have been using windows since my childhood and have seen it evolving even since Its been approx. past 2 months, since the update arrived in the dev channel for Windows 11, and I have been in love with the changes threat have come in, apart from a few. So, Lets take a look at some of the features.

Start Menu

To be true this has been the most awaited feature in my list. Finding apps in windows was not that easy and when you take a look at the programs in the olden days, it used to list down several and even folders in many cases. This has changed with windows 11 . Things are just at the tips on you finder tips. Just clik the start menu or press the windows key and you see a list of apps installed.

Note: Taskbar icons have been moved to center but you can still change it to the old look.

Start Menu

Even if you are still unable to find you app, you can click all app to list all the installed apps or you can directly search the app. This is so neat.

Start Menu with listing all apps.


Its lovely how the control panels and the settings are getting merged, now uninstalling an app is getting easier and is moved in the Apps section like any Android or IOS Devices. It shows you details on Battery, Power Consumption, Space, and Other Bluetooth just like any other OS these days are offering. The Best part is now we have consistency across OS. Thus making the switch easier and this actually make sense

File Explorer

This is the palace which you can’t avoid in windows, and has been with us ever since windows came into existence, but now with windows 11 its has revamped it so much that might take a step back to think if this is actually windows that we are using. You can see that the top level menu items are gone and have been move to the … menu. You can also notice that the cut/copy/paste sort/view and brought so in front that it has been so easy to work along. Also the new HD icons makes it more appealing to use the file explorer.

File Explorer


Mica is an opaque, dynamic material that incorporates theme and desktop wallpaper to paint the background of long-lived windows such as apps and settings. 


One of the biggest change for any windows user is the missing ‘Refresh‘ option in the right click menu.

We can also see the UI change everywhere including the new icons in windows 11 right from the right click.

Right Click

Windows Terminal

A much awaited addition for any developer should be Windows terminal. It is now pre installed in windows 11. But still if you run the cmd the old command prompt is still there to make you feel nostalgic. The best best part comes when you can use the power of Windows Subsystem for Linux and run you Linux command just like ls below.

Let me know if you feel there is still some change worth mentioning.

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